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Choosing Co-operative Education

Education Credit Union has hosted co-op students over the years; in fact, some have remained as long time employees! Kyle recently completed his co-op term at the Kitchener Branch. We enjoyed getting to know Kyle and in his time here, he contributed to many daily branch and member needs as all employees do. Kyle left us with some parting words that may help other students who are considering taking a co-op term in their education career.

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My Inexpensive Wedding

I never had much intention of getting married. I am a simple, private person and I don’t like being the centre of attention. To have an extravagant day focusing on me isn’t really what I would call fun. It was a fun thing to think about – the dress, the food, the bridesmaids and rings – but at the end of the day, it wasn’t something I cared to spend thousands of dollars on. Then, four years ago, after seeing someone for about a year and a half, I proposed. Read more

Free Parks Canada Pass

You may have heard by now that Parks Canada is giving out FREE Discovery Passes for 2017. As Canada celebrates it’s 150 years young, you can receive free admission to Parks Canada places from coast to coast. All you have to do is simply apply for your pass online. That’s it! Read more

Electronic Bills

A while back I wrote about my love/hate relationship with paper bills. I had talked about how I liked the tradition of receiving my bills in the mail, marking them paid but despised having to file them. I had a hard time taking the plunge and signing up to receive my bills online. Guess what? I did it. It’s been MONTHS. And I love it. Read more

To Lease or To Finance: That is the Question!

When it comes to buying a new car, you have three options: purchasing it with cash, purchasing it through a loan (also known as financing) or leasing it. For most shoppers, the decision comes down to buying or leasing. Read more

Getting scammed

I’m on a local Facebook group (I won’t name it to keep this person anonymous) and someone within that group posted an upset rant about being scammed. Let’s call her, Carla. My heart went out to her; what a terrible time of year to be out nearly $1,000.00. Read more

What a CREDIT CARD means to a teen

It’s that time of year again. That time of year when everyone hikes up their credit card statements and have miles worth of interest to pay back. Growing up, I always thought credit cards were bad. They were these evil, nasty cards that just allowed people to indulge themselves further and further into debt. If you owned a credit card, you were bound to gain miserable debt that would ruin your chances at receiving any financing your entire life. Read more

You alone can stop identity theft

Every year, thousands of people are victims of identity theft. Developments in telecommunications and computer processing make it easier for companies and consumers to reach each other; however, they can also scatter your personal information more widely, making life easier for criminals. Read more

Prepaid Debit Card Fees

A new survey from found that prepaid debit card fees are changing, and vary widely from card to card. Read more

Be Prepared, Because Life Happens

An emergency fund is an essential part of your personal finances. Its importance is stressed in almost every personal finance book and budgeting blog, and yet 27% of Canadians have one month or less of expenses in their emergency fund. If an emergency fund is, in fact, so important, then why is it so easy to procrastinate on emergency fund saving? Read more