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Do You Want To Leave A Legacy For Your Grandchildren?

Over the past 20 years we have seen a shift in grandparents attitudes from their children to their grandchildren. Grandparents are now tired of helping out their children financially and emotionally and are shifting their time, emotions and finances to their grandchildren. The emerging trend seems to be creating what we call “Grandparents Legacy.” Read more

Is it raining bad luck?

Do you ever have one of those days, weeks, months, even years where nothing seems to go quite the way you planned? After a quick Google search, it looks like bad luck is a curse, and some enterprising individuals are offering to rid you of this curse for a low fee. Maybe I should have taken them up on it, because I have found the last month to be quite challenging, let me tell you. Read more

Credit Union 101

Why belong to a credit union?
Ever had one of those dreams where you’re trying to get somewhere but stay stuck in one place? Banking at a traditional financial institution can feel just like that. Big plans and best intentions tend to count for little if you don’t have deep pockets, even if you have a responsible track record. That’s because banks are in the business of making a profit for their shareholders, while credit unions are focused on the financial security of their members. Read more

Card Skimming

Card skimming continues to rise in spite of the security efforts adopted in Canada. Skimming affects everyone, costing Canadians over 400 million dollars annually. Read more

Am I annoying you at the grocery store?

We’ve all been there. Standing. Waiting. Shifting our weight from our left to our right and then back again. Sighing. Checking our watch. What’s the hold up? Lineups at the grocery store can be the worst can’t they? It’s so annoying to be stuck in a line where someone is arguing the cost of an item and you’re waiting for an employee to go check the price on ice cream at the back of the store because someone wants to save fifty cents. Lady, I’ll give you fifty cents so we can get this line moving and I can go home.

Read more

Golf: Is it a sport or an obsession?

Scramble, Best Ball, Shotgun Start, Fore, Birdie – I really have no idea what these terms actually mean.
Read more

What I’ve learned about investing

Though I have been working at the credit union for 5 (just about 6) years now, I don’t know everything about finance, in fact, I know very little. I am only 24 and have never had a mortgage, haven’t dabbled in TFSA’s or GIC’s much, and retirement savings is not top of mind. Read more

Check Your Credit Report, Before Someone Else Does

If you haven’t seen your credit report in the past year, you should do so now. There are several easy, free ways to get a look at the information kept on you by the major credit bureaus, and one great place to start your search. Read more

Teaching good money habits early

How early is too early? It’s never too early! Read more

What to do before putting your house up for rental

Did you ever have to move out of a house you loved or leave it for extended amounts of time? Renting your home is an option you should consider to obtain an income through your real estate investment. Here is everything you need to know before putting your house on the rental market. Read more


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